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Prophet Emmanuel Kodjoe 2016’s prophecy on President Trumps prioritising skill over education has come to pass

Prophet Emmanuel Kodjoe of the Worldlife Changers Chapel in 2016, during one of his church services prophecied the happenenings of what the world and the USA is experiencing today.

In that service and as sighted by sammykaymedia.com on his instagram page on the 11th November 2016, he released spiritually President Trump’s bills and policies for immigrants.

Prophet Emmanuel Kodjoe apt prophecy on the current happenings and situations in the USA have all come to pass, key amongst them was the economic growth to increase employment rate for Americans which was achieved prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the prophecy, he advised the illegal immigrants who were afraid of deportation to build on SKILL.

This serves as an evidence to the manifestation of God’s power in some Prophets who are working diligently as the prophets of old did.

Read below and judge for yourself.

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