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Stop smoking weed and invest – Kennedy Agyapong advises Medikal & musicians

It was a “father and son” encounter when Medikal showed up for an interview at the studios of Oman Fm on the ‘Ye Ko Fie’ show hosted by Silva Lady.

The rapper stated during the interview that he was honoured and elated that Kennedy Agyapong once mentioned his name among his favourite Ghanaian musician and also revealed that he takes a lot of inspiration from the Politician’s journey so far with special emphasis to his success in business and humanitarianism. The rapper then took the opportunity to wish his “Mentor” a happy birthday in advance with a freestyle rap.

Kennedy Agyapong joining the show late on, expressed utmost admiration for the rapper’s earlier remarks and reiterated his respect for Medikal’s humility as he considered him super talented.

The politician cum businessman, however, had some words of advice for the musician. He urged him to avoid smoking weed and abusing drugs because they were only going to bring him down. He urged Medikal and every other young acts to take a cue from musicians whose finances have dwindled away with their music careers just because of lavish lifestyle and their failure to invest.

He finally recommended real estate as the real deal for Medikal to invest into if he wants to live comfortably in the long term if music is not giving him money in the future.

Watch full video below:

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