SURVIVOR! Abigail Ashley Details Her Survival of Kidney Disease In A Book

There are countless number of people who do not survive the scare of having to go through chronic kidney disease but she did; she got it, endured it, floundered through it and beat it. Abigail Ashley did beat such a devastating ailment and she’s living to tell the story – in a book.

Hearty again
The media personality and health advocate has chronicled her turmoil of being diagnosed with the disease and having to endure it for 13 years and finally beating it with a transplant in a book she titles, ‘The New Me – Kidney Transplant after 13years of battling Chronic Kidney Disease’.

‘The New Me’ details her ability to live with the disease for 13 excruciating years, and her resolve to beat it which culminated in a successful transplant.

‘The New Me’ – her second book
She encapsulates her survival tale beautifully in the book, where she talks about the year she was diagnosed with the dreadful illness, moments she felt it was all over for her and the personalities who provided that god-sent succour to salvage her life. She also talks about the intervention of God through her Bishop, her grueling preparation for the transplant, the recovery process and her state of mind after a successful transplant.

She also recounts a chilling episode from the time of diagnosis to her recovery which was handled between the End Point Homeopathic Clinic, the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and the Transplant Link in the United Kingdom.

She survived
“This journey was a challenging one but she exhibited so much optimism, courage and resilience that I have never seen in any patient,” Dr. Mensah Amoah (Physician Specialist/Nephrology Fellow), one of her Doctors, wrote in the Foreword of the book.

As a health advocate, she took the opportunity not only to share her inspiring story but also to share tips on how to prevent chronic kidney disease.

‘The New Me – Kidney Transplant after 13years of battling Chronic Kidney Disease’ is the second book authored by Abigail Ashley, following the release of ‘Behind My Smiles’.

The book is out
The new book is available on Amazon, the world’s largest online shop. It is also on Jumia Ghana, the largest online retail shop in Ghana. Deliveries to all Regions across Ghana, selling at GHc25 @jumiaghana.

Copies are also available at;

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Story by: Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

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