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Sweden declares ‘Sex’ as a sport: Championship to start next week

Sweden is all set to host the first European Sex Championship as it became the first country to register sex as a sport, a report said.

The Swedish Sex Federation will reportedly organise the event. The European Sex Championship will begin on June 8, 2023, spanning over several weeks. It will feature participants competing for six hours each day, the report added.


During this time, participants will have approximately 45 minutes to an hour to engage in their respective matches or activities. According to the reports in Sweden, 20 participants from different countries have applied for the European Sex Championship till now.

The winners of the European Sex Championship will be determined through a combination of three juries and audience ratings. During the final evaluation, 70% of the votes from the audience will be considered, while the remaining 30% will come from the judges’ votes, said the report.

Source: India Today News

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