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The Return Of A Warrior: Isaac Dogbe Wins Over Avalos

Former World Champion, Isaac Dogbe ‘Royal Storm’ has gotten Ghanaians buzzing all over the world with a superb return to the ring with a win over Chris Avalos a Mexican.

The young Ghanaian boxer came up against the American on July 21, 2020, in Las Vegas.

In December 2018, Dogboe lost his WBO title to Emanuel Navarette following a one-sided bout.

It was the first professional defeat in the career of the Ghanaian after he lost by unanimous decision to his opponent.

Dogboe had a rematch with Navarette in May that year but again fell flat against the Mexican.

This time, the Ghanaian could not last the entire 12 rounds, as he was handed a Technical Knockout (TKO) in the final round.

The 25-year-old has since not fought any opponent and has been in the gym training ahead of a comeback.

After over a year and a half out of the ring, he has now pit his wits against American boxer Chris Avalos.

The bout was an open exchange in the first two rounds but Isaac Dogbe picked up in the subsequent rounds to prove he’s more sharper with his consistent jabs at the Mexican-American.

The Mexican’s punch outlook dropped as the rounds kept increasing a few minutes to the end of the bout when he received a left hook from Dogbe which got him dazed.

The Referee as a result stopped the fight at 2:25.

In Dogbe’s corner for the first time was a new trainer called Barry Hunter and not his father, Paul Dogbe who was locked up in Ghana due to the closure of he borders.

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