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Three women pushed me to make it in life- Hon Kennedy Agyapong

Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Hon Kennedy Agyapong has recounted how he became a successful businessman out of being a no body.

According to him, growing up, he never had it on a silver platter. He said he had to struggle his way through from selling of toffees, PK, rob etc on the streets of Accra just to make ends means.

Speaking with the host of Ghana Nti morning show on KFM tv, Ephyia Stard Edna, he noted that, some people are of the notion that he made it through dubious means as in dealing in drugs etc but it’s not true, he added .

Hon. Ken Agyapong said his mother use to sell petty things worth someone’s provisions in a trunk and chop box on a table at Makola in Accra.

But despite all these he had the opportunity to be in one of the best schools in Ghana. During his time at secondary school, since he knew his background wasn’t good financially, he never had it in mind to chase after women. “I will beat u even if I hear you say am your boyfriend “ he said.

He narrated that he finally somewhere along the line, had a girlfriend he was interested in and went to see her one day to take a text book at her house, but the lady didn’t have time for him and disregarded him. He said the lady treated him as if he didn’t exist.

He said … “I dressed my very best only to go see her but she was sitting with someone and didn’t bother to come see me and sent her sister to check if she can find the text book for me” and continued that “Even though she couldn’t find it, she didn’t even come to me but sent her sister to tell me and since her sister wasn’t comfortable with how she treated me, she decided to see me off. Then I said to myself, someday, i will be somebody”.

He said the second lady also comes from a rich family, and also visited him in his house , and because he wasn’t from a wealthy home, the mistake he did was offering her a broken seat which wasn’t intentionally, the lady sat on it and nearly fell. After which the lady never wanted to have anything to do with him and even slammed their gate at his face when he decided to visit her home. Then he said to himself again, “someday, I will be somebody “.

According to the businessman, the 3rd lady was the one that really gave me broken-heart, he said.

In his narration, he revealed that he even sacrificed his A plus paper for a B in school only to help the lady. He added that, things with the lady got serious because they were even making plans to settle down until the lady told him her family says they won’t allow him settle down with him cos he is not a graduate. He noted that even though he said nothing to her, he said to himself “someday I will be somebody “ and in order to prove to them, he worked hard to become a successful person and today, these ladies see him and regret not giving him a chance. Adding that, he payed them back, calling it a sweet revenge.

Watch full video below:

Source: Ephyia Stard Edna

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