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Tima Kumkum ties the knot in a grand style

Media personality and presenter at the Multimedia Group, Tima Kumkum has officially tied the knot today, Thursday July 13, 2023 to her partner.

Videos seen by sammykaymedia.com, clearly indicates that Tima is happy again for the union. Also, in tbe videos Bridesmaids joined Tima Kumkum to sing Nacee’s Aseda Song at her traditional wedding.

Tima Kumkum

Cynthia Tima YeboahCynthia Tima Yeboah who was once a married woman but got divorced has seen her wish come through again. After years of praying and wanting to get a suitable partner who she could share her life with.

The beautiful bride couldn’t hide her joy as she was seen dancing and singing even in the rain.

A big congratulations to Tima.

Watch video below:


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