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Video: Appietus is a woman, he should apologize for insulting me, else … – Papi

There was a clash between popular Ghanaian music producer, Appietus real name Appiah Dankwah and Papi of defunct music group 5five. The brawl occured on CTV’s entertainment show. The two gentlemen could not keep their composure but rather let themselves down by hurling insults at each other.

Appietus and Papi on the show used some unprintable words against each other.
The two have been in disagreement in the past few days over the 5five’s 2011 hit song, ‘Muje Baya’ and other songs.

According to Papi, Appietus has been feeding off his intellectual property over 10 years. Yet he acted ignorant about his concerns when asked him. He described the music producer as “dumb and stupid” for his arrogant posture.

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Papi revealed that Appietus has uploaded some songs he has produced on some digital stores. These songs included those of 5five hits songs on some digital music stores.

In reaction, Appietus indicated that at the time he recorded for 5five, they never paid him a penny. Papi on the other hand stated that Appietus had no right to upload their intellectual property without their consent. He explained they had a barter agreement with him when they recorded back in the days at his studio.

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According to him Appietus is not entitled to any money of their songs but rather management and artistes are the ones who should get the money from song sales and not distributors. During an interview with Sammy Kay, he described Appietus as a woman. His reason for that comment was based on the fact that Appietus was trying to come out as a tough person yet he is not.

Papi asserted that Appietus is a legendary music producer therefore could not understand why he would do something as illegal as this. He indicated that the law court will serve justice in this matter for the truth to prevail.

Watch Papi’s interview below:

Source: sammykaymedia.com

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