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Video: Funny face needs mental and psychological help – Kofi Asamoah

CEO and Creative Director of Kofas Media, Kofi Asamoah also known as Kofas has stated on Neat 100.9 Fm‘s Entertainment GH show hosted by Ola Michael that Ghanaian comedian, Funny face needs mental and psychological help at the moment.

According to kofas, his observation on Funny face rants on social media is a cause for worry, especially when funny face himself has admitted he going through some serious challenges and emotional trauma.

Kofas stated that as a matter of urgency, the comedian needs mental and psychological help for him to overcome the trauma he is experiencing currently, but what makes this a difficult situation is the fact that sometimes the one who needs help, does not recognize and appreciate he needs it.

Funny face for the past few days has ranted and dared fellow comedians, lilwin, Bismark the Joke and Kalybos on his social media platforms to utter a word for him to spill out secrets that will tarnish their names for the rest of their life and disclosed that he is not keeping mute anymore, hence who ever steps on his toes will face his full wrath.

Watch video below:

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