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Video: Ghanaian actors and actresses would have gone hungry, if not for YouTube – Quappiah

Ghanaian actor, Emmanuel Kwame Appiah, popularly known as Quappiah has stated that the survival of the Ghanaian movie industry now depends on YouTube.

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay, Quappiah indicated that most actors and actresses would have gone hungry without YouTube. He said the movie industry is not as vibrant as it used to be. Therefore YouTube has saved them from hunger.

According to him, directors and producers were caught unaware with the strong emergence of social media. The hilarious actor explained that, movie makers still have presence and survive because of the existence of YouTube.

He however explained that, if not for YouTube, he would have always criticised the President. He asserted that the present economic condition in the country is dire therefore YouTube has become their means of survival.

Quappiah however suggested that producers and directors can come into an agreement to have one platform to place their movies on. He said that doing so, will enable them make enough money.

Quappiah addresses Yaw Dabo

During the interview,  he described dimunitive actor, Yaw Dabo as sick. Quappiah took a strong exception to Yaw Dabo’s assertion that watching a movie for more than an hour makes you a lazy person.

According to him, Dabo has denigrated and insulted all movie industry players. But however held brief for him, and indicated that he might have said that out of ignorance hence should be ignored.

Watch full interview below:

Source: sammykaymedia.com

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