Video: Meet the blind Ghanaian Billionaire who is a website developer & into crypto business

Visually impaired Ghanaian website developer and businessman, Benjamin Ofori has indeed proven that disability is not inability.

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay on the Go online show, the wealthy Benjamin disclosed that growing up he had impairment with his eyes and mum used to hide him from people but upon advise from his aunties he was sent to the school of blind.

According to him whiles he was at the school of blind, he developed special interests in computing and music which now has become a part of him.

As a website developer and Crypto business fellow, Benjamin indicated that everything is possible to do if you focus no matter whether you are physically challenged or not.

He indicated that physically challenged people can do a whole lot of things to benefit society but due discrimination they are over looked.

He shared his inspiring journey to greatness and how he has been able to change lives despite being blind.

Watch video below


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