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Video: Mzbel and Nana Tonardo teams up to expose Afia Schwar

After been hit with several allegations by her former ally, Mzbel and Nana Tonardo together in a facebook live session marshalled a joint force to ‘speak their truth and fact’ to the barrage of allegations levelled against her by Afia Schwarzeneggar.

As monitored by sammykaymedia.com, Nana Tonardo in his usual comical utterances hit hard at Afia Schwar by revealing some hidden secrets they both share and described her as a liar and an extremely fake person.

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Mzbel on the other hand, refuted all the allegations by Afia Schwar and stated, she will never fall so cheap to a guy who was unattractive, broke and had no class hence she feels very surprised Afia Schwar continuously go to media houses to peddle falsehood and lies that she slept with his ‘broke’ boyfriend at the time.

Mzbel further stated she will resort to lesser gods to clear her name if the guy in question indeed told Afia, he’s had sex with her.

Watch video below:

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