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Video: Shatta Wale’s career will end…his money is finished – Musician Luminary dmr

The self acclaimed “bigger than the city”, Luminary dmr, in a chat with Sammy Kay on the Go online show has made some interesting comments and revelation about, Covid-19, some Ghanaian artistes and the music industry.

According to Luminary dmr , he is coming to take the music industry by storm just like the unannounced pandemic we all witnessing about the novel Covid-19.

He stated that the novel Corona virus is a start of a new generation and a change of the planet earth hence assertion held by some people about the world coming to an end is hoax.

The Afro music artiste, said the Ghanaian music industry has been corrupted and captured by some people who are not doing the right thing. Despite touting Shatta Wale as  his mentor in terms of his toughness and hustle style, the man who hails from the Volta region of Ghana said he does not look up to Shatta when it comes to music.

Born Joseph Luminary Adzrago , the “Agyeiwaa “ hit maker said Shatta wale’s career will end through the elimination of COVID-19 , stating boldly that although Shatta Wale brags a lot about money his account is empty.

He urged the current crops of musicians to emulate their seniors interms of churning out music that educates and promote good values in society.

The “Covid Lumi” who is currently promoting his new banging single titled ‘My Sit’ has entreated all Ghanaians to support him to get to the top where he belongs.

Watch full video below:



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