Video: Taxi driver invents hand washing mechanism on his taxi

Necessity is indeed the mother of all invention. In the era of the novel Covid-19 pandemic, Ghanaian ingenuity, creativity and generousity is in the fore to help government contain the disease in the country.

The Veronica Bucket which is meant for washing of hands has been of great help to Ghanaians and the recently invented solar-powered hand sensitive barrel is also going to be a game changer to help curtail the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

In the face of these creativity by the Ghanaian inventors, a taxi driver by name Ernest Acquah a resident at Kasoa has managed to also invent his own hand washing mechanism on his Taxi.

According to the driver, he connected the pipe hole through the wiper water channel that wipes and cleans the back screen of his vihecle, hence when it is switched on, water flows through it, and that enables passengers to wash their hands when boarding or alighting from his Taxi. With his mindset of keeping the environment clean he manage to create a small dustbin where one can dispose off tissue after cleaning the hands.

He stated he is a man of many parts and said when given the needed support, he would replicate what he has done on his Taxi on many more vehicles to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus by making passengers wash their hands with running water and soap on the vehicles before entering it.

Watch video below.

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