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Video: There is no heaven anywhere – Mr. Van challenge Christians

Actor and movie producer, Mr. Van real name Benjamin Vandyke has alluded that heaven is a myth.

Speaking in an interview on “Move with Sammy Kay”, the self acclaimed “sex scene specialist” indicated that he used to fellowship with the Assemblies of God Church but stopped along the line because he couldn’t understand some scriptures in the Bible very well.

According to him, he also got to the realisation that when someone is having a difficulty in the Church there is no help offered to that person hence his resolve to stay out of church for good.

He quoted Luke 17:20 and explained that the scripture connotes that Heaven is within us as individuals but Pastors have made people believe there is Heaven somewhere for people to go after death, something he claimed do not exist.

Watch video below:

Source: Sammykaymedia.com

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