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Ghanaian music duo, Keche has once again indicated that the Keche Global group will remain united and not break no matter the circumstances.

They made this known in an interview with blogger, Sammy Kay. According to them, they do really fight however, they know the purpose of their journey.

Keche Joshua said they have been able to achieve their unity due to the understanding and respect they have for each other.

“We understand ourselves; we are two different people from different backgrounds but we came together. Keche is a company; it is big that Joshua is a worker of Keche and so am I. We are both staffs of the Keche company but we are not the brand itself,”  Andrew explained.


Andrew further added that sometimes they go for events and programs but were not talking to each other. They fake smiles to make the show happen. He said people do not really care about what they are going through. They just want to see them perform and do their best.

He went ahead to cite an example by stating that, one time they quarrelled. During that time, Joshua called him that they have been booked for a show with some good money. According to him, he organised himself and met Joshua and went to perform at the said show. Whilst performing, he said they both had stern look on their faces. But the job has to be done hence they executed on the day as a group regardless of how they felt.

Background of Keche

Keche, is made up of Joshua Kojo Ampah (Keche Joshua) and Andrew Kofi Cudjo (Keche Andrew). The group has existed since the early 2000s when they were boys.
Despite having released songs together, Ghanaians had fears they will split as other embattled music groups have.

The likes of 4×4, Praye, BukBak, Ruff and Smooth, Wutah, 5Five, VIP, and Double have all suffered break-ups. Issues relating to finances, marriage, and individual preferences have been the reasons.

However they have remain united and strong as a group who have won many awards together in the Ghanaian music industry.

Watch interview below:

Source: sammykaymedia.com

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