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Video:As We Fight For #Justice4nanabaa, May We Not Forget the Hundreds Of People ‘Trapped’ In Witches’ Camps In the North

A 90-year old woman, Nanabaa, was lynched to death on the 23rd of July, 2020 at Kafaba, close to Salaga in the Savannah Region of Ghana. According to reports, a soothsayer declared her a witch.

There are hundreds of people ‘trapped’ at the various witches’ camps in the Northern region. In December 2014, the government shut down the Bonyasi camp. We still have five more witches’ camps.

Tina REPORTS visited the Tendan Witches’ camp in September 2019. Interacting with some of these alleged witches, I discovered many were just wrongfully accused by relatives and some residents of the communities they lived in. For now, the witches’ camp is a permanent home for them.

Some people have been at the camp for decades. Life at the camp is unbearable as they lack basic needs. These alleged witches have been abandoned by their families and could barely feed. The Tendani (Chief at the witches’ camp), told Tina REPORTS,  providing food for  them is a challenge. Some of them are bedridden and cannot farm to feed themselves so have to rely on the Tendani.  Food, health care and access to potable water is a challenge at Tendan witches’ camp.

Tina REPORTS in July 2020 solicited support in the form of money, food items and clothing for these alleged witches. Many people were reluctant to donate just because of the name or tag “witches’ camp”. The sad part is, the name, “witches’ camp” scares potential donors thereby denying them

public support.

Some people have lost their lives at the Tendan Witches’ camp due to the poor living conditions. For years, not much has been done to reintegrate these alleged witches in the various witches’ camps in Ghana back into society.

It is about time the government closed down these witches’ camps. In the interim, we need to provide these alleged witches and wizards at the various camps with some basic necessities. I would also suggest we change the name from “Witches’ camp” immediately to something more appropriate to enable people freely donate to them just like the orphanages, as we all wait for the government to shut down the camps as this may take some time.

As part of Tina REPORTS at 1 celebrations, Tina REPORTS together with some individuals mobilized food items and clothing for these 488 alleged witches and wizards at the Tendan witches’ camp with food items and clothing.

Rest in peace to Nanabaa!

Source: Tina Reports

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