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Video:I will start a new social media channels like Joyce Blessing and Eshun when I break up with my current management- Nana Blu

Sounding very defensive on the issue of why his new artiste, Naana Blu is not uploading her music and works on her own YouTube page, Stephen Mensah, CEO of Quophimens Musiq responded by saying the question being asked isn’t appropriate.

During an interview with Sammy Kay, the former manager of Eshun, felt very uncomfortable when a question was thrown to Naana Blu as to why she do not have a YouTube page in her name. Stephen Mensah quickly jumped into the fray and had a back and forth disagreement with the host, stressing the need for the interview to proceed but not on that lane and jokingly threatened to walk out.

Sammy Kay on the other hand, had to justify the reason for his question, stating that future disagreement could be detrimental to Naana Blu’s brand if she fails to insist on having a YouTube page in her name, he cited examples of such happenings between artistes and their managers here in Ghana and named Joyce Blessing and her husband as his case study.

Watch full video below:

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