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Video:‘I’m pregnant For 2 boyfriends;My mum is going mad because of me’ – 21-Year old girl cries for help

A 21-year old girl named Vero has given a shocking account of her disturbing ordeal in an interview with Sammykay Media.

Vero is six (6) months pregnant but can’t tell who is responsible for her pregnancy.

Narrating her story to Sammy Kay on the “Go Online” show , she revealed that she used to date two guys she called her boyfriends but both of them have jilted her after realizing she is pregnant.

“…I lost both of them because of what happened. Because I was dating two guys, they both realized that it’s not theirs because of some one or two actions. When they come to the area, people tell them that tomorrow this car will come and drop her, tomorrow that; so due to that, they got to realize there is something fishy”, she regrettably stated.

Vero further disclosed that her situation has rendered her mother mentally unstable after finding out her condition and the fact that none of her two boyfriends is owning up to be the father of her yet-to-be born baby.

“So, after telling my mother such a thing, it didn’t even reach two weeks and she started having mental issues. So, right now, I feel I have caused her to be in that particular [state] place because up till now she’s not fine. Like she is just acting like someone is beginning to get mad and that is my worst fear”, she intimated.

She is calling for help for her mother as she is “scared of losing the woman”.

Watch Interview below :

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