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Video:”Lil-win lacks Knowledge …..”Lekzy Decomic asserts

“As comedians, we are suppose to put laughter and happiness to people, we are not the ones to instigate rivalry, we are there to unite people and create a reason for them to laugh …….” said Lekzy Decomic.

In an interview with Sammy Kay on the Go online show, the comedian made a remark on the brouhaha between Lil-win and Funny face, describing the incident as unfortunate.

Lekzy claims the knowledge capacity of lil-win on the industry is minimal, hence his ignoramus shades at Funny face. Citing examples, he stated comedians are actors therefore whether one finds himself on stage or the screens is not a yardstick for one to undermine and assert supremacy over the other.

As Kasa Entertainment presents one of the biggest event to mark Ghana’s 63rd Independence Day anniversary, the “laughline” comedy night is about to go down on Friday, 6th March 2020 at the Snap Cinema between the hours of 7:00 – 10: 00 pm.

The likes of DKB, ID James Brown, Warris among others will be craking your ribs and jaw up with jokes that can easily reduce your stress level at affordable rate of GhC 30 for Regular and GhC 50 for VIP.

Watch video below:

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