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Video:Mr Drew and Ghanaians must thank me for snitching to Rotimi – Emany fires

He has been tagged as a snitch for giving head-way to Rotimi and eventually seen his fellow Ghanaian, Mr. Drew’s song titled ‘Eat’ ft Stonebwoy removed from YouTube and other streaming platforms.

Sammy Kay caught up with Emany, the guy who reported Mr. Drew to Rotimi for stealing the latter’s intellectual property and during the interview on the Go online show, he explained that the reason for his action was the fact that he tried prompting Mr. Drew for his action on using someone’s intellectual property but he turned a deaf ear to it to the extent of blocking him, hence he had no option and choice than to report him to Rotimi.

He explained that if he had not reported Mr.Drew to Rotimi, Drew would have been sued if he had garnered enough views on streams so he stood in for Ghana to prevent the embarrassment that would have occured, therefore he should rather be praised rather than the bashing he is receiving from some Ghanaians.

He sounded caution to some Ghanaian artiste who are found of stealing and sampling songs of others to desist from that because when he finds you doing that he will report you. He also admonished Ghanaian artistes to be creative and original and not to steal lyrics and concept from other artiste.

Watch video below.

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