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The unfortunate event which happened in 2015 in Accra precisely Circle, resulting in lost of lives and properties in the history of Ghana popularly known as June 3rd disaster has been commemorated on Kantanka TV’s morning show, ‘Fontomfrom’.

The 2015 flood as a result of continues heavy rainfall in the largest city of Ghana, brought a halt in commercial activities as flood takes over the major corners of Accra killing more than 200 people. The cause of the flood can be attributed to the improper planning settlement in Accra, choked gutter which blocked the drainage system and an explosion at a Goil Filling Station behind the Ghana Commercial Bank at Circle, Accra.

Three surviving victims of the June 3rd disaster narrating the incident and how they are faring after the disaster in an interview with Alhaji Irbard Ibrahim, co-host of the current most talked about morning show in Ghana, ‘Fontomfrom’, Karim Suraj, a driver, revealed that, on that painful day, he went in search of his children and wife who sell in the market and it turns out that his wife has died through the fire outbreak at the Goil Filling Station. He further said, the President at the time made an amount of GH₵60 million available to support the victims but some of them have not received their portion of the money allocated for them until today.

The second victim, Thomas Sakyi, a mobile phone dealer also narrating his story disclosed that, at the place of event, he suffered a lot of scares all over his body as he got burnt. “A U.S doctor came to our aid to treat the scares on our body as a result of the fire outbreak, thanks to him my scares are not visible anymore, he further stated.

Armah Anang, the third victim speaking on the ‘Fontomfrom’ show, also revealed how he lost his daughter on that painful day. According to him, his daughter lost her life at the Goil Filling Station when she was sent on an errand. “According to an eye witness, my daughter saw the fire approaching and decided to run to meet up with the flood which led to her untimely death”, he mentioned.

The three-victims representing all the affected victims of the June 3rd disaster are hereby calling on the government, well to do individuals and organizations to come to their aid in diverse ways as they continue to suffer as a result of this painful and unforgettable incident in Ghana.

Source: Kantanka TV /Beatrice Dadzie

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