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When you vote for “Papa no”,vote for “Oba no” – Mahama admits Papa no on campaign platform

As the December general election approaches, various political parties and their respective candidates has heightened their campaign to canvass for votes in the upcoming polls.

Ex – peesident and the NDC presidential candidate, John Dramani Mahama, on his campaign tour in some regions is message is not only focusing on the desire to return to power but his quest to see parliamentary candidates of the party triumph over their opponents to enable them form the majority caucus in the 8th parliament in the fourth republic to make his administration efficient and effective considering the nature of our governance structure.

In delivering a message in Twi in one of the constituency he visited, Ex- president John Mahama said to people present at the gathering … “woto ma papa no a, ewo se wo to ma oba no”. To wit, ‘if you vote for the man, vote for his child as well’.

This statement in a regular campaign season, would have been a usual plea but Mahama’s use of ‘papa no’ at a time the phrase has generated controversy is what appears to be fueling the circulation of the video clip.

The former president has been linked to be the ‘papa no’ whom musician Mzbel and actress Tracy Boakye are fighting over.

Even though both ladies have denied ever being in a relationship with a former president, a section of the public kept pointing accusing fingers.

Well, has he finally accepted the tag at the time NDC MP’s have threatened not to recognise Information Minister, kojo Oppong Nkrumah just for using the phrase in a debate in parliament?

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